How To Measure Your Slings


Important: Before you Begin
Slings made according to your specifications cannot be returned or refunded because the materials cannot be reused.  Be sure that you take your measurements as accurately as possible before ordering your replacement sling. Please follow our instructions on measuring slings exactly as they are described below. 
Do not remove your sling from the frame or loosen your frame rails before taking measurements. The sling fabric must be tightly secured to the sling frame in order to obtain the correct measurements for ordering.  Do not measure a sling that has been removed from the sling frame because this will result in an incorrect measurement.

1) Measure the Top Width
When measuring the width, measure the distance between the sling rail slot on each side of the frame to the nearest 1/8 inch. Most patio sling assemblies have a rail on each side of the frame with an opening or channel for the fabric and retainer rod to slide into. Using a flexible tape measure, measure from the center point of the opening on one frame rail to the center point of the opening on the other frame rail. Round your width measurements to the nearest 1/8 inch. DO NOT add any measurements for the retainer rod or seams because this will result in a sling that is too loose. Once we receive your order, Over and Under will add the necessary dimensions to allow for the seams and sling retaining rods.

2) Measure the Front Width
Repeat the same method for the front width of the sling. Never use the same measurements for the top and front of the sling as they are almost always different.

3) Measure the Back and Seat Length
For 1 Piece Sling Chairs, begin at one end of the sling rail and measure to the other end of the same sling rail, following the shape and curve of the rail, to get the overall length. Measure length to the nearest ¼” and DO NOT add anything to this measurement for the top and bottom seam.  Over and Under will add necessary dimensions to allow for seams. 

For 1 Piece Chaise Lounge Slings, we will need 2 separate measurements for length – seat length and back length. 

2 Piece Chair and 1 Piece Chaise Slings
Please note that 2 piece chair and chaise lounge slings require 6 separate measurements per sling frame - 3 measurements for the seat sling and 3 measurements for the back sling.

DisclaimerOver and Under is not responsible if the measurements you submit are incorrect for any reason. Please review our sling measuring guide carefully before measuring your slings. Be sure that your old sling is not baggy, sagging or loose and that the rails holding the sling material are secured tightly to the sling frame. DO NOT measure loose slings that have already been removed from the frame.

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