High Performance Cushions

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Polyurethane Outdoor Foam

Standard on all of our cushions, polyurethane is the finest fill for both indoor and outdoor cushions. Some manufacturers use less expensive densified polyester fiber for outdoor cushions. However we found in our outdoor laboratory that cushions filled with polyester fiber flattened too quickly and do not recommend it. The finest cushions are made with polyurethane foam center and topped with softer polyester foam as batting.

High Resiliency Foam

Used in only the finest furniture, HR foams provide more comfort, support and bounce back than standard polyurethane foams. Cushions manufactured with with HR foams will look new and last much longer then standard polyurethane foams

Reticulated 'Flow-Thru' Foam

This is a specially manufactured version of polyurethane foam that will dry almost immediately after exposure to rain, washing, melting snow, morning dew, salt spray or any other form of moisture. The large open pores allow maximum water drainage and air circulation so your cushions will dry faster, stay fresher and helps guard against mold and mildew growth. Reticulated foam in cushions covered with outdoor fabrics require a Mesh Bottom to be effective.

Sta-Dry Liner™

Provides an added layer of dryness protection. The Sta-Dry Liner works in two ways: it facilitates fast drying by keeping water at the surface and prevents water moisture from “still wet” cushions from coming back through, similar to a disposable baby diaper. If you have ever felt a cushion on the surface that seemed dry only to find out after you sat on it that you were wrong, then you will appreciate the benefit of the Sta-Dri Liner.

UV Resistant PTFE Sewing Thread

Today's outdoor fabrics are lasting longer than ever before. When cushions fail, the first thing to go is usually the thread. The culprit is the inexpensive polyester threads or worse cotton threads that most manufacturers use. Over and Under, Inc. uses PTFE sewing threads. Unlike other threads, PTFE Sewing threads last a very long time even with exposure to UV sunlight, cleaning agents, saltwater and extreme weather. They also do not absorb dirt, which makes them easy to clean. If the thread looks dirty on your outdoor cushions you can be sure it is not PTFE.

GORE™ TENARA® PTFE Sewing Thread

All of the advantages of our standard sewing thread with a lifetime warranty. W.L. Gore TENARA™ PTFE Sewing Thread is from the same manufacturers of GORTEX (well known for quality protective fabrics). TENARA is a branded PTFE sewing thread and it comes with a LIFETIME warranty guaranteed to outlast the fabric in which it is used. If you want a warranty against thread failure, against the first thing to fail, then choose this option. To prove your cushions are sewn with TENARA, each cushion will have a label of authenticity sewn in.

Sta-Round Foam Crown™

Keeps your cushion looking newer and feeling plush for the long run! Other manufacturers cushions are manufactured with polyurethane foam wrapped with polyester fiber. The polyester fiber rounds out the edges, fills in the fabric cover and provides a more finished look. However, after only one season of normal use the polyester fiber will flatten and leave the cushion with wrinkles on the top surface fabric and an indentation where it has been compressed.

Sta-Round Memory Foam Crown™

For the ultimate comfort and durability, choose a Memory Foam Crown. Borrowing from the bedding industry,this construction will provide long lasting luxury and will keep it's shape for years to come. Because memory foam can absorb water, we only offer it with the STA-DRI LINER. To provide additional protection we include an extra layer of protective fabric between the STA-DRI LINER and the Memory Foam

Mesh Bottom

Provides an escape route for water and enables air circulation to keep cushions fresh. Today's best performing outdoor fabrics are more water repellent than ever before. However once water gets into a cushion it must come out to enable drying and prevent molding. In the past you used to stand outdoor cushions up on end to allow water to drain out of the seams. However this is no longer necessary with a mesh bottom.


An unseen inside detail that extends the life of the cushion and keeps the fabric from fraying even if machine washed. The inside raw edges are sewn with an overlock stitch to keep the fabric from fraying. Please note: we do not normally recommend washing the casing because it is very difficult for the “do-it-yourselfer” to get the finished look that we obtain when re-stuffing the cushion. However, if you do wish to machine wash your cushion, you MUST have the inner edges serged or the fabric will fail.