About Us

Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Over and Under has been producing fine custom cushions, throw pillows, umbrellas, replacement slings, and protective furniture covers since 1982. In those 25 plus years we have developed our strong reputation for delivering personal service and producing a quality product at a fair price with a fast turn-around. We depend on repeat business and believe that your satisfaction is our success.

Our work is governed by our core values – providing an outstanding customer experience, with a better product, at a fair price. Equally important to us is maintaining a high quality of work lifestyle for our employees where everybody is an equal contributor. Together we can accomplish more than any one of us alone. We believe our secret to success is through a collaboration both externally and internally to overcome challenges, minimize mistakes, and improve on efficiency.

Why Choose Over and Under?

BETTER SERVICE – Because we are the manufacturer, we have the answers, solutions, and skills necessary to meet the discriminating demands of designers, architects, importers, and retail customers. We are very sensitive to our customers needs and believe your complete experience is one of our main ingredients of success. In fact, the majority of our work comes from returning customers. From the minute you hear about us until you are telling your friends, we are always available and just a phone call away. 


You can be assured we will:

 Listen to your specific needs and strive to create a perfect solution

 Offer expert advice and guidance through your product and option selections

 Produce your order in the timeframe we commit to – usually 2-3 weeks but often sooner

 Keep you informed of any issues that may crop up or suggestions that may produce a better product for you

 Stand behind our product and service to ensure you are completely satisfied


BETTER PRODUCT – Our products are handcrafted in America by skilled craftsmen and made-to-order specifically for you. We take pride in each and every item we produce paying attention to the details, so you don’t have too. Our products are not mass produced and can be fully customized. We are always willing to go further to please our customers.


For example:

 Matching of patterns and stripes for a more finished, professional look

• Hidden marine quality zipper with fold-over flap used on all cushions and throw pillows for a tailored zipper closure

• Welting cut on the bias for smoothing the corners improving the overall look of product

 High quality outdoor polyurethane foams are always used – not inexpensive fiber fills

 Sewing done with UV resistant monofilament PTFE sewing thread instead of polyester – our thread stays cleaner and lasts longer


Options unmatched in the industry:

 Stay Round Crown™  with memory foam prevents sagging in the middle to keep the cushion looking new longer

 Dry Fast ‘Flow-Thru’ Foam and mesh bottom panels enable cushions to dry extremely fast

 Upgrade GORE™ TENARA® PTFE sewing thread with lifetime warranty against thread failure

 Unique Sta-Dry Liner™ offers an additional layer of protection against water infiltration

 Over-lock stitching of the inside raw fabric edges (serging) for those who want to remove the cushion covers for laundering



Another secret to a better product is a better team. We maintain an open and supportive culture and are continuously learning from each other. As a result, our team is made up of highly skilled experts in our industry and not simply cutters, machine operators, and stuffers as usually found in a manufacturing facility. We are always looking for ways to improve the quality of our product. Each and every item is inspected at three points in the manufacturing process.


We are committed to developing new and better products for the end consumer. In our Southern Florida outdoor laboratory, we are continuously testing new ideas. As a result we offer with confidence, innovative products that are designed and proven to last longer, dry faster, and be more comfortable than ever before.



FAIR PRICE We use only the finest materials available and do not skimp to compete with the mass produced products on the market. We believe in quality first with a strong emphasis on customer selection and satisfaction. Our goal is to provide the best outdoor products to the marketplace at a reasonable price. Our pricing is higher than the mass produced product and lower than most custom cushion manufacturers. However, our real competitive advantage is in the options we offer and the information we provide.


If you spend some time on our website, you will find a wealth of information unmatched by anyone in the industry. Here we share with you our years of experience and depth of knowledge. We offer upgrade options with explanations of the benefits, so you can decide what is most important to you. If you want to keep costs to a minimum, but still want the highest quality cushion available, simply build a cushion with minimal upgrades. If you want everything today’s high tech materials and techniques have to offer, then load up the options or better yet, pick from one of our High Performance Cushion packages. Overall, you will not find a better product offering in the industry!